Dan Milligan

Random Carbon Atoms

Every Time It Rains

by Random Carbon Atoms

Released 2014
Released 2014
From the notorious depths of Chicago, a town known for its numerous aggro/rock bands such as Ministry, KMFDM, Disturbed and Stabbing Westward, comes a scathing new aggro/rock sound. Random Carbon Atoms.
On the surface, Random Carbon Atoms could be easily defined as a female-fronted hard rock band; however, a quick look under the surface reveals much more…brooding layers of post-industrial punk and electronica.

Imagine the muscular, riff-rock sound of bands like Ministry, Tool or Alice in Chains. Now, add layers of caustic, industrial-inspired loops, a twist of electropunk, and top it with a versatile, powerhouse female vocalist, who is equally comfortable singing jazz as she …
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